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Updated: Feb 15

2/15 Our newest PhD student, Esther Damilola lands in Maine. Esther- you've got great things ahead of you!

2/15 Jared and Clarissa submit a COBRE grant supplement - fingers crossed

2/9 Angelina White completes a massive set of HCR in situ hybridization experiments - reminds Jared of the fun he would have doing in situs in Chuck Kimmel's lab. 2/7 Jared orders the lab a very fancy new Thunder microscope from Leica. We're gonna have fun with this one.

1/16 A new semester of Bio450 kicks into gear.

1/6-9 Jared gets to attend his first "PI meeting" (the Strategic Conference of Zebrafish Investigators) in Asilomar California

1/1/24 Jared opens the lab up for a writing day - soon, Angelina White and Tayo Adekeye join for our "winter term" crew

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