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7/16/21 The Talbot and Tilbury labs receive an Institute of Medicine grant for a collaborative project. Much celebration ensued.

7/14/21 Alicia Ebert's lab demonstrated that crk and crkl are needed for reliable eye development; Dr. Talbot is a co-author on this because he contributed some mutants and was engaged with the writing/review process. Our story is was accepted for publication in Developmental Dynamics today! Check out our paper here.

6/23/21 We submitted our first R15 today!

6/16-22/21 Dr. Talbot, Emily, and Tayo attend the 16th Annual International Zebrafish Society Meeting. Sara attends "Microbes and Social Equity"

The Talbot lab, Summer 2021:

6/4/21 The Talbot lab enjoys a summer kickoff BBQ.

6/1/21 Emily Tomak begins her Master's project on muscle physiology. We are so excited that you will be staying in the lab, and look forward to seeing your story unfold.

5/15/21 We submitted a small internal grant to let us explore new techniques in muscle imaging. Finger's crossed!

5/11/21 Dr. Talbot is named UMaine's 2021 nominee for a Pew Biomedical Fellowship! Wish me luck in the national competition.

5/7/21 We celebrate the end of finals at UMaine, and I celebrate my first full year of teaching. Three courses taught, one pandemic endured, and one lab built.

CONGRATULATIONS to our three graduates: Kaitlyn Bear, Emily Tomak, and Jared Austin

4/30/21 Jared Austin presents his Capstone project at a joint lab meeting with the Henry lab. Fantastic job Jared!

4/23/21 Kaitlyn Bear presents her Capstone project at a joint lab meeting with the Henry lab. Nice work Kaitlyn!

4/13/21 The ZebraShare paper is published! Check it out here.

4/9/21 SBE hosts Carl Zimmer for a talk on 'A Planet of Viruses'. Our lab had fun hyping this one up in advance of his arrival - and he gave a very engaging talk.

4/2/21 This week, FOUR students gave Dr. Talbot results from their four projects that were SO EXCITING that he happy danced. Kudos to Tayo Adekeye, Sadie Waterman, Jared Austin, and Kaitlyn Bear for getting outstanding results all in one week.

4/2/21 Tayo Adekeye presents his first lab meeting; nice work Tayo :)

3/27/21 The Talbot lab has a socially-distanced Life Aquatic watch party.

3/16/21 Sara Loiselle receives a summer fellowship from the Center for UnderGraduate Research. Congratulations Sara!

3/12/21 Sara Loiselle presents on her recently submitted CUGR proposal

3/12/21 Dr. Talbot hosts Gerald Downes for an SBE seminar: "From Swimming to Seizures: Investigating Locomotor Behavior and Epilepsy in Developing Zebrafish"

2/26/21 Sabrina Varga presents on her image-analysis project :)

2/23/21 Dr. Talbot presents to the Zebrafish Disease Models Society: "Rapid muscle loss in a zebrafish model of distal arthrogryposis"

2/19/21 Brady-bunch photo of the Talbot lab, since we can only gather via zoom:

2/12/21 Sadie Waterman presents an excellent journal club on T-Tubules. Thanks Sadie!

2/2/21 The ZebraShare manuscript has been accepted! Look for it soon in PeerJ

2/1/21 Emily Tomak officially signs on for a Masters project that will begin this summer!

1/25/21 Matt Akers takes a job at Aspen Dental - Congratulations Matt!

1/25/21 Dr. Talbot begins a new term of Bio450 - this time, with an in-person lab.

1/25/21 Jared Austin and Kaitlyn Bear begin their Capstone term.

1/18/21 Tayo Adekeye arrives in Orono to begin his Ph.D. in the Talbot lab. Welcome, Tayo!

1/4/21 Research begins for a new year. Dr. Talbot and Jared Austin brighten the doors and begin experiments with new mutants :)

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